Mentoring Programme for Undergraduates

The Alumni Association has recently launched a Mentoring Programme for undergraduates of the University of Colombo. This programme will consist of ‘one to one’ sessions as well as group sessions that will help our undergraduates to acquire soft skills that are necessary for them to be more employable for jobs in the government and private sectors.

This programme will be conducted in conjunction with the Senior Student Counsellor, Dr. Mahees. The unique feature of this Mentoring Programme will be that resource personnel will be conducting the group sessions at the University Student Hostels in addition to the sessions that will be conducted within the University premises. It is envisaged that this will increase the appeal of the programme to the majority of the undergraduates, thereby achieving the student welfare objectives of the Association.

Members who are interested in joining the panel of Mentors can join this worthy initiative by emailing [email protected] or calling 0777-448899.

Jithendra Gunathilaka
Treasurer and Chair – Mentoring Programme

This would be a good opportunity for you to contribute to your alma mater!

Sujata Arunella
(Stand by Article)

‘Sujata Arunella’, the Annual Variety Entertainment show presented by the undergraduates resident at the Sujata Jayawardena Memorial Hostel at Buller’s Lane, Colombo 7 was held this year on 22nd June 2016 under the distinguished patronage of the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Lakshman Dissanayake.

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